The Issues Around Fracking?

If you are unsure about the process of fracking, then read through this article. It is going to cover exactly what is involved in the process of taking oil and gas out of the earth, as well as how it works, and the reasons that make it such a controversial issues in the political climate.

In general, the call process fracking is also known as hydraulic fracking, and it is a relatively new technique that is used to take oil and gas from shale rock. The name comes from the way that the rock is fractured by the high pressure used in the process. The process starts by drilling deep into the earth. When a particular depth is reached, the engineers then add a very high-pressure water mixture to the process, which is directed at the rock to the gas or oil is released.

The mixture is a combination of sand, water, and chemicals. It is the way in which the mixture is inserted into the rock at such a high pressure that allows the energy to flow to the head of the well. This method of drilling can be done both vertically and horizontally so that the layers of the rock can open up new pathways, which releases the raw materials. It can also be used to extend a current channel in the stone.

Advantages Of Fracking

There are many benefits cited by those who promote this method above traditional drilling methods. For example, it is much easier to reach the natural resources of oil and gas by using a high-pressure water mixture. Also, in many instances, this process is the only one that allows for individual deposits to be extracted, as those hard to access areas cannot be recovered with traditional drilling.

Based on these reasons, the US has been able to boost dramatically its oil production, while at the same time reducing their gas prices. As it allows more gas to be made available, they have been able to show that more gas can be extracted which will cut their CO2 emissions of coal.

The Controversy

There are many environmental groups that have voiced their opinions on fracking. They suggest that the vast amount of water used is a problem for the environment. They also note that certain chemicals used in the process are leading to water contamination. However, the energy companies reject this claim, noting that poor practice is to blame for any pollution created.

Another issue noted is how fracking can lead to small earth tremors. The environmental groups want governments to invest in green energy, rather than allow more drilling to take place. Due to concerns, fracking is still under a lot of pressure and is banned altogether in many countries around the world. In others, it is heavily restricted, with stringent regulations.


As you can see from the issues above, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of fracking, as there are vocal supporters on both sides of the argument.

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