How Are Dissolvable Frac Balls Revolutionizing the Fracking Industry?

Fracking is a process that creates fractures or cracks in geological formations underground where natural grasses flow into what is known as a wellbore. Wells that consist of horizontal, long segments are typically divided into two different zones. Dissolvable frac balls will be dropped into each part and serve the purpose of a hydraulic seal to isolate the areas below from this treatment. Dissolvalloy is the leader of the frac ball revolution.

Dissolvalloy | Frac Ball Revolution from Henry Hunt on Vimeo.

Frac balls should:

•Be able to run into a well easily and smoothly

•Be able to isolate every zone by offering a seal for an existing formation

•Be able to allow these wells to carry on flowing once a treatment has been completed

•These frac balls have been approved as being 100% environmentally safe

Recent hydraulic operations that use fracturing, it is a common practice to utilize “multiple balls operated frac sleeves” to quickly access particular zones. Fracking balls are offered from various manufacturers are typically made out of proprietary materials that will dissolve in a just a few days once there is an increase in temperatures in fluid environments. This means that there is no need for any interventions to remove these balls once an operation is completed. Case studies show that applying dissolvable fracking equipment have results in a saving of operational costs and time.

These types of frac balls are available for use in “ball” activated sleeves and “composite” frac plugs. This method has become a favorable option for extended reach in wells where drill-outs have become increasingly more expensive and challenging. This technology offers these industries a kinder way to the environment.  To learn more about this revolutionary technology, visit this Facebook page.

Benefits Related To Dissolvable Frac Balls

•The balls range in size from 7.5” up to 4,625.”

•They dissolve in a predictable way where there is a fluid environment with formation temperatures

•10,000psi rated

•They serve a dual purpose in composite type frac plugs as well as “ball activated” frac sleeves

These frac balls present an increased compressive strength capability, tight tolerances, and specific gravity. Each of these balls has all undergone thorough field testing. The available sizes on the market today are featured in 1/16th –inch increments. Also, there are custom sizes that can be ordered for specific project requirements.

The chemical composition of the frack balls is designed in such a way to prevent any lodging that can occur inside the ball seat. The main advantage of these balls is they are regarded as environmentally safe. These critical components related to fracking can now be easily obtained from ever expanding manufacturer facilities that often offer a delivery service directly to the site. The other advantage involves having frac balls designed to the exact size needed for various types of projects.

This kind of technology, produced by Dissolvalloy has been noted as a definite game changer in regards to fracking wells. Any company involved in the fracking industry can benefit greatly from these dissolvable balls that assist in drastically cutting down on completion times as well as costs. Those businesses that are still using outdated methods will soon be left behind.