Advantages Of Frac Balls

The United States is experiencing one of the greatest booms in the natural gas and oil exploration industry. All this is thanks to hydraulic fracturing or fracking. Fracking has opened up new natural gas and oil resources that were previously hard-to-reach due to lack of technology and the high costs involved. In fact, fracking was around since 1940’s, but it was not used due to lack of technology at that time. Fracking became active only about 6-8 years ago thanks to the advancement in technology. Frac balls are used to increase the efficiency of fracking and extract oil and natural gas from hard-to-reach areas of the shale rock formation. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the significant advantages of frac balls.
Fracking allows petrochemical companies to extract oil and natural gas trapped in the shale rock formation deep down the earth. Although geologists have long known that there are gas and oil deposits between the shale formation, they had no way of extracting the deposits due to the lack of equipment and technology to do so. This is where technology like fracking comes in handy. A mixture of water, sand, additives and chemicals are used to pump the shale rock formation under high pressure. This opens up the shale formation allowing the extraction of natural gas and oil. A well is drilled down to the layer of rock and turned horizontally. The well is dug 6,000 to 7,000-feet vertically and turned horizontally. It then continues horizontally until the natural gas and oil deposits are met.
The process of hydraulic fracturing is usually resource and time-intensive. There is a great deal of work that goes into preparing a well for extraction of natural gas and oil. Innovations are used to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each well. This is where frac balls come in handy. Frac balls are used to increase the amount of fracking done in a particular oil well. Once a well is dug, frac balls are used to divide it into sections. This opens a larger amount of shale rock formation for production. Frac balls are inserted into the well once fracking is done. These shots help raise the pressure in the previous section of the well. It increases the amount of fracturing occurring behind the well. Frac balls improve the yield and efficiency of fracked wells. More oil and natural gas are extracted from such wells compared to other wells. It reduces overall costs and minimize the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing. Modern frac balls are made from a wide variety of materials other than metal. Polymers, plastic, and composite materials are used to produce the latest frac balls. It offers numerous benefits by increasing the effectiveness of the frac ball.

In summary, fracking has become one of the most popular technologies used to extract natural gas and oil from hard-to-reach areas in the earth. Frac balls increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing. This article provides an overview of the advantages of frac balls.

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